Affiliate marketing is a strategy to advertise your products and services by placing links on the websites and platforms that customers are likely to visit. With Digigiri’s affiliate marketing program, you can drive organic traffic, generate leads, improve sales revenue, and enhance brand awareness by providing a commission when the referrals generate sales.
We have a robust network of key influencers, advertisers, and publishers to help you connect with the right marketer and assist in maximizing your ROI.
What We Do
At Digigiri, we understand the transformative power of affiliate marketing and the benefits this key marketing strategy brings to the table. That’s why our affiliate marketing campaigns are developed to deliver tangible results to client’s online businesses. Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing services:

Cost-effective marketing

It presents as one of the cost-effective strategies as you have to pay for actual sales or conversion generated through the affiliate channel.

Performance-based models

You can align commissions to affiliates, motivating them to drive quality conversions and traffic to your business.

Diverse marketing channels

You can benefit from a multi-faceted marketing approach as affiliates can use various channels, like blogs, social media, and email, to promote your product or service.

Data-driven decision-making

You can access detailed analytics and performance data to make well-informed decisions.

What We Offer
Digigiri offers a wide spectrum of affiliate marketing services, including advertisement and sales pitch creation, commission structure creation for affiliate marketing partners, and much more. Here is a glimpse of our services:
Comprehensive program development
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