How To Use The Twitter (X) Algorithm For Your Marketing Advantage

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Social media is one of the most reliable and dynamic pathways to leverage for the marketing needs of practically everyone. Among the top social media platforms, X (formerly Twitter) stands as one of the most formidable places to attract clients. While understanding the functioning of algorithms is a tricky part, it was made easier by X’s CEO Elon Musk turned the algorithm of X open-source on GitHub.

While this has made it easy to break everything down, how can one benefit from this revelation when everyone knows about what’s happening? Here are the vital points and smart tips that will serve as the key to unlocking the true potential of X’s algorithm for you, allowing you to turn interest into leads, and leads into customers. For simplicity, this article will stick to Twitter instead of X.

Components of Twitter’s Algorithm.

Data Aggregation – Key data, including tweets, followers, and personal activity, is collected. The algorithm’s new data aggregation method, as explained in a Substack article, also considers ‘likes’ and ‘bookmarks’ for a potential 30x content boost, along with insights from visual media for a 20x boost.

Feature Formation – The platform transforms collected data into ‘feature buckets,’ incorporating tweet segments, interaction probability, and safety assessments. Content is analyzed for positive interactions, considering the author, recipient, and content itself. ‘SimClusters’ intelligently group tweets and users by topic using AI.

Integration – In the final ‘Mixing’ phase, Twitter ranks tweets using the ‘HeavyRanker,’ focusing on positive actions. The conclusion of the research revealed that HeavyRanker’s probability framework carries the most significant influence of all. In fact, it can potentially result in a 75x stronger content boost when targeting engaged users.

Key Functionalities of The Algorithm.

Every like received on the post translates into a 30-fold increase in reach and enhancement compared to the previous rate.

Each retweet gives rise to a 20-fold hike in reach amplification.

Every reply left by users on the tweets leads to a tiny one-fold increase in the reach of the post.

Utilizing external or outbound links may thwart your maximum reach unless you are recognized as a credible source by the algorithm within your specific field, sector, or topic. When making use of external links, it’s crucial to stick to trustworthy and reputed sources.

The ratio of your ‘followers to the following’ now plays a significant role in determining your general reliability and expertise.

The extent of your outreach will diminish as more individuals mute or mark your account as spam.

Inadequate grammar and spelling errors will now detrimentally affect your credibility, achievements, and brand’s outreach.

Evident instances of false information or misinformation will face an instant reduction in visibility once they are reported.

Always make use of the analytics generated by Twitter on your posts to track what pleases your audience and what drives them away.

While these short tips are essential to ensure that you’re doing everything right, here is the final takeaway to float your boat.

The Major Elements To Bring The Right Traffic.

Amplify Engagement with Visuals – To truly bolster your Twitter presence, trim down on hashtags and give a prominent place to attention-grabbing visuals that leave a lasting impact.

Stay Abreast of Trending Topics – Stay vigilant in tracking trending themes within your niche, leveraging them as an abundant source of inspiration to supercharge your visibility.

Harness the Power of Niche Accounts – Elevate your platform authority and broaden your reach by actively referencing and tagging influential brands, accounts, or thought leaders within your field as an integral part of your Twitter content strategy.


With the tips and strategies mentioned here, your business will definitely thrive and improve as your engagement increases on the platform. Keeping tabs on both the DOs and the DON’Ts is absolutely necessary to stay above the competition so that your tweets float buoyantly on Twitter. In fact, taking care of these things can save you from an unfortunate Titanic sinking. Lastly, always check the in-built analytics feedback generated on every tweet you make to personalize your approach instead of throwing big blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I make use of Twitter’s open-source algorithm now that it is well-known?

A. To get the most out of Twitter’s algorithm, learn about its basic components, such as data gathering, feature creation, and integration. These factors influence content reach as well as interaction. You may efficiently convert attention into leads and leads into customers by refining your tweets using these factors.

What are the aspects of Twitter’s algorithm, and how do they affect my presence?

A. Twitter’s algorithm features include greatly increasing reach with “likes” (30-fold), significantly increasing reach with retweets (20-fold), and moderately increasing reach with responses (one-fold). Using external links, on the other hand, might limit your reach until you are acknowledged as a reliable source. Your ‘followers to following’ ratio also reflects your dependability. In your content strategy, focus on increasing interaction with images, maintaining up to current on popular subjects, and connecting with specialist accounts to maintain a successful Twitter presence.

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